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   Coaching Format   

Coaching Sessions 

·     Coaching sessions typically last 1-hour.

·     Sessions are available hourly or in packages.

·     We meet on days and times that are convenient for you.


Coaching Session Discussions

All our conversations and correspondences are confidential.

·     Sessions will always be about issues you want to discuss. 

·     I will listen, reflect, ask questions, give my perspectives and offer options. 

·     I believe you're the only one who knows what is best for you and I will not try to manipulate you or influence negatively.

How We'll Meet

·     Face-to-face, at location to be determined.

·     Virtual: Zoom


I ask you to attend our sessions fully prepared and focused on your agenda issues. That can include:

·     Discussing meaningful matters of the heart and emotions,

·     Commitment to being truthful,

·     Accepting of accountability (not blaming or judging), openness to stepping outside your comfort zones and stretching yourself, and willingness to find success in effort, not only attached to outcome. ​

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