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   Essential Skills Workshops   

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 Invest in developing the critical skills that employees need. The gap in today’s workplace environment cannot continue to be overlooked. It is becoming very clear that employees lack the essential personal and team soft skills and business emotional intelligence leadership skills. Research shows that long term success in the workplace, depends on strong interpersonal and relational skills, not just the technical skills.


JJK Workplace training helps create a solid workforce with content that is relative to all levels of your business. Your organization can rest assured that with our 40 plus years of experience in a Fortune 50 company and law enforcement, we have the expertise to deliver the best training for your employees.



10 Soft Skills You Need

Emotional Intelligence for Teams and Leaders

Leadership & Influence 

Business Ethics

Conflict Resolution 

Anger Management

Assertiveness & Self-Confidence 

How to Become a More Likable Boss

Body Language Basics

Change Management

Coaching & Mentoring

Developing New Managers



Employee Motivation

Employee Onboarding

Employee Recognition

Employee Termination

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

·          Workplace Diversity

·          Unconscious Bias

·          Microaggressions

Generation Gaps

Performance Management

Servant Leadership

Onboarding Millennials & Gen Zs

Team Building

Supervising Others

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