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Build Your Team's Effectiveness

Team Effectiveness in the Workplace - Is Your Team Measuring Up?

How is your team doing?

To see how your team is doing, evaluate it on three classic criteria of team effectiveness. Then look at how well it meets the four conditions that drive the success of teams in a diverse, dispersed, digital, dynamic business. Underperformance on the criteria and weaknesses in the conditions are usually linked. Understanding the connections between them can help your team identify ways to improve.

On a scale of 1 (worst) to 5 (best), rate your team on these criteria:

OUTPUT Are our customers happy with our output—with its quality, quantity, and delivery?

COLLABORATIVE ABILITY Do our team’s dynamics help us work well together?

INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT Are individual team members improving their knowledge, skills, and abilities?

Then score your team on the following aspects of the conditions for effectiveness:

COMPELLING DIRECTION Do we have a common goal that is clear, challenging (but not impossible), and consequential?

STRONG STRUCTURE Do we have the right number and mix of members?

Are people responsible for tasks from beginning to end?

Do we have clear norms for acceptable conduct?

SUPPORTIVE CONTEXT Do we have the resources, information, and training we need?

Are there appropriate rewards for success?

SHARED MINDSET Do the team members have a strong common identity?

Do we readily share information with one another and understand one another’s constraints and context?

Effective teamwork in the workplace is important for many reasons but the most important reasons are to give team members clear information and expectations on navigating the daily dynamics of working as a team.

When working together as a team you have different people offering creative ideas and solutions to problems. A team that works well together is also able to motivate one another as they work their way through a project or task and efficiently meeting their objectives.

Improvement starts here! Let JJK Workplace help your team improve their performance and achieve the success the business deserves. Our Team Effectiveness Workshops focus on Six (6) essential areas and what effective teams are expected to do in each of those areas.

(This assessment draws on the seminal research of the organizational-behavior expert J. Richard Hackman.) Harvard Business Review

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