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  • Johnny Knatt

Chief People Whisperer

Workplace Coaching

Workplace Coaches will always be needed.

No matter what is happening in our economy, people will always need a Workplace coach.

Why a Workplace Coach?

Many times during Workplace experiences, clients are overwhelmed and unable to solve their problems on their own and their immediate manager is not equipped, has enough time or is interested in helping. They need an outside party to give them perspective, accountability, a plan, and the ability to take that plan and break it into bite sized manageable pieces. Plus, they need someone who can help keep them going when they lose momentum or want to stop. They may also need specialized knowledge about how to assess their own strengths, behaviors and challenges as they relate to their career, and how to point themselves in a direction that provides the best payoff in regards to both money and fulfillment.

That’s where THRWC comes in, The Workplace Coach, to the rescue!

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