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ECI (Emotional Culture Index)


Often, companies release employee engagement surveys that are confidential, but staff that are struggling or feeling fearful may not respond in the most honest way for fear of repercussion. Or some measure Net Promoter Score – how likely you are to recommend a company to others or as a customer, how likely you are to recommend the products. Some organizations have even had volunteers use wearables to measure things like tone of voice, body language, frequency of social interactions, and participation in meetings.

Emotional culture surveys are the most direct and impactful way to measure emotional culture because they measure three distinct things to help identify whether or not emotions experienced need to shift. They measure:

· Experienced emotions

· Expected emotions

· Ideal or desirable levels of emotions

When you understand how your people are feeling, how they’d ideally like to feel and where the gaps are – you can do something about it. It allows you to more easily understand where the differences are – so you can be informed in making decisions for your L&D, training and development of your teams and workplace culture. You can continue to strive to be a great place to work.

We’d like to give you the opportunity to do so by experiencing The Emotional Culture Index from Genos International and The HR Workplace Coach.

The Emotional Culture Index is designed to measure three dimensions of emotions at work:

· Current state – How often your people experience certain feelings at work.

· Expected state – How often your people think its fair and reasonable to experience these feelings at work given the nature and context of your workplace.

· Ideal state – How often your people think they should ideally experience these feelings in your workplace in order to be effective.

It also allows participants to share confidential free text responses on key areas. You can customize the survey by department, team, region or a particular demographic or group. It takes only a few minutes to complete and you will receive a report with its findings and have the opportunity to discuss privately with me, a Genos Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner.

As we enter into a world of AI, automation and machine led learning, our ability to feel and be human is what makes us unique. We encourage you to take this limited time opportunity to uncover your emotional culture.

“Do you know the pulse of your shop floor?”

Experience the Emotional Culture Index for your team or organization and identify where you can start making a positive difference.

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