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  • Johnny Knatt

"Fractional Workplace Consulting"

“Fractional employees are exceptionally qualified professionals who share their time and services among various companies. The term fractional implies that you are getting all the benefits of a regular professional tailored to the needs of a small to medium-sized organization.”

As a Fractional Workplace Consultant, we provide support to organizations with employee relations issues, power skills training (soft skills), emotional intelligence development, team effectiveness, management development and executive coaching. This position is usually partnered with the Human Resource Manager. The fractional employee acts as a member of the company without being a full-time employee.

Businesses should assess whether a Fractional Workplace Consultant is right for them. The decision is sometimes reached by considering whether they have an urgent need for a skill or expertise that is not feasible from a cost or work volume on a full-time basis.

Utilizing a Fractional Workplace Consultant is an excellent way to provide your business with access to resources who have expertise working with employees and management for over 30 years with a Fortune 50 company, and 10 years in the government sector. Maximize the potential of your workforce. Contact JJK Workplace LLC, Johnny Knatt, SHRM-SCP.

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