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Isn't it time for a Coach?

It’s Time for Coaching

James Robbins recently sent me this article which I think is a great story supporting the need for Coaching. Please allow me to share part of it.

“Did you see the video of Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick, in a heated exchange with one of his drivers? The moment was captured on dash cam, posted online and subsequently went viral.

It seems executives who don’t treat people respectfully is CNN-worthy news these days. It’s a reminder that those of us in senior levels of leadership are called to a higher standard and I’m alright with that. Kalanick took ownership for his actions and made an interesting comment. He said he needed leadership help. But it’s not only for him, it’s true for all of us, because after all, none of us have arrived.”

To achieve the next level of growth it’s not about reading another book or article on leadership tips. In fact, the higher we move up in the organization, the less it is about skill. It’s about looking introspectively and finding those areas that are getting in the way of you being a better supervisor, manager or leader.

Personal and professional coaching has emerged as a powerful method for helping those who seek help in making improvements in motivating and leading others. Coaches also help keep people focused, and challenged to succeed in their professional lives.

Coaching can truly be transformational. One reason coaching conversations are powerful is that they bring structure to the process of thinking, planning, deciding and doing. Instead of just talking about your needs your coach helps you systematically walk through a framework that forces you to clarify an objective.

Isn’t it time you started addressing obstacles and taking action? Start the conversation with your coach and see how you can identify multiple ways to master those obstacles.

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