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Managers/Supervisors, Want Better Engagement? Here's A Good Way to Start

Manager/Supervisor to Employees "Expectations"

This is an excellent practice to gain clarity and alignment, especially during the join-up phase.

What YOU can expect from ME…..

-Management according to the Mission, Purpose & Values

-Treat you as a person and not a number

-Care, compassion, empathy

-Full disclosure where allowed.

-Objectivity in evaluations of performance and business issues.

- Training and support to succeed at your customers and in your career.

-Direct, honest feedback.

-Encouragement to challenge yourself.

-Clear advocacy regarding personal and career needs.

What I expect from YOU…..

-Absolute objectivity on business issues.

-Ethics beyond reproach.

-Technical mastery.

-We will have FUN and CELEBRATE SUCCESS.

-Operate with full disclosure…regarding the business, your needs, issues with customers.

-Prompt responses to requests for information.

-Know your business…track your results and always know where you are vs. your objective.

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