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  • Johnny Knatt

Most Common People Problems

People Problems Faced By Supervisors and Managers

In my many years of experience as a Workplace Coach, Consultant and Human Resource professional, the most common problems I have seen Supervisors and Managers face from their employees are:

1. Lack of respect and trust

2. Disengagement, resulting in low morale and productivity

3. Keeping their most valued employees content and loyal, resulting in poor retention

4. Dealing with performance issues

5. Team effectiveness

6. Gaining alignment to change

When the proper training is provided, we have the power and influence to prevent most of these issues.

Companies who help their frontline supervisors and managers cultivate and learn the necessary skills, experience environments with higher morale, motivation, initiative, collaboration, and the highest levels of performance.

I encourage you to grasp the skills and techniques that can truly impact results, build a successful team and reduce the stress related to your job.

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