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  • Johnny Knatt

Motivating Employees in the Face of Major Organizational Change

Bolster the sense of competency.

  1. Set short-term goals with employees

  2. Review strategy, action plans and budgets to ensure employees know what is expected of them and how they are contributing

  3. Ensure clarity of R&R’s which might change as a result of an organizational change

  4. Recognize good performance and attitude

  5. Invest in training and development

Increase the sense of comfort employees feel.

  1. Preventing resentments or rumors from festering

  2. Celebrating and communicating business successes – even the small ones

  3. Seizing opportunities for team building (lunches, impromptu social events)

  4. Acknowledging the emotional impact the change might have on individuals

  5. Following HR policies, treating all employees equally and avoiding special exception

  6. Be upfront about other change as they are finalized


  1. Increase visibility

  2. Demonstrate that they care about employees and display appropriate emotions with them

  3. Share progress against goals

  4. Keep in touch with the rumor mill and grapevine, and respond when appropriate


  1. Be honest-even if the news is bleak

  2. Structure communication to lead with the most critical information

  3. Focusing on formal and informal communication and increase volume

  4. Identifying and paying special attention to employees “at risk”

  5. Ensure leaders do not delegate the delivery of bad news

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