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  • Johnny Knatt

No Consultants Needed!

“How to Engage and Retain Great People”

What inspires people and fuels a commitment to their employer, their role, and their leader? How do best in class organizations retain great people while competition is fierce in areas like technology, healthcare, engineering and even skilled trades? Are employers acting quickly enough to keep millennials – the largest generation in the workforce - committed and inspired in their jobs?

These key Engagement Drivers that can be implemented quickly, easily, and at little or no cost.

Key drivers:

1. To be more than a number.

2. Opportunity to grow

3. Recognition

4. Achievement

5. Purpose and significance

6. Autonomy

7. To Connect

8. Have Fun

9. Have a Model to follow

Don’t underestimate the hidden cost of low employee engagement. What would improved engagement do for your organization?

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