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People Problems in the Workplace?

Are you hoping they will just get better? Want to try something different or do you buy into continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different result? Do you want more information to help you hire employees who are "Hi-Pos?"(high potential to succeed)

If you are hiring for positions that include interfacing and interacting with people, which most jobs include, you should consider using the Genos "Emotional Intelligence Selection Tool." Why?

Seventy six percent of the issues you face at work are on the people/relational side and only twenty four percent are on the finance/technical side. This Genos model measures seven critical EI skills of your candidate that lead to positive workplace outcomes. Outcomes that make our work environment better. I'll just mention a few.

  • The capacity to understand the impact one's feelings has on thoughts, decisions, and behavior.

  • Create trust and perceptions of genuineness

  • Better understanding of others

  • Better understanding amongst peers of yourself

  • Improved ability to cope with high work demands

  • Greater capacity to think clearly in stressful situations

  • Ability to deal with workplace conflict effectively

  • Improved job satisfaction and engagement

Remember, data is king. There are published psychometric studies that have shown a strong correlation to important workplace variables. No, this is not a decision making assessment. It should be combined with other factors. It is a highly effective tool that provides you information about how frequently the candidate demonstrates emotionally intelligent workplace behavior. Interested? Give me thirty minutes to share this tool with you, including how to interpret the report, the related interview evaluation guide and the ease of getting started.

Schedule a call with me: HTTPS://

(Genos International) (The Ei Academy -Advancing Emotional Intelligence)

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