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Personal Workplace Coaching

Coaching is about unlocking people’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping to learn rather than teaching. Coaching has become the prevailing strategy for personal development—the most common way to learn to identify strengths and use them to overcome obstacles and challenges while pursuing possibilities.

Benefits of Working with a Coach 1. Take more, better and smarter actions 2. Have a balanced life which works well because you designed it for yourself. 3. Reach for much, much more, and not be consumed in the process. 4. Make better decisions for yourself because your focus is clear.

5. Improved performance and productivity

6. Improved relationships

Here are just a few situations clients get help with.

1. Just started a new job and feeling confused.

2. Experiencing conflict in the workplace.

3. Not feeling challenged at work.

4. Considering a career change.

5. Not sure how to continue vertical growth with the company.

6. Problems with my manager.

7. How to improve my performance?

8. Achieving work/family balance

9. I’ve never experienced anything like this before at work.

10. I feel a lack of self esteem and confidence.

Two Pre-Conditions for a successful Coaching Experience 1. You are willing to grow by taking action. 2. There is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

A great coach provides accountability and is available. As a Performance coach, I evaluate progress against established goals and vision. Clients are held to the standards that they have established, thus empowering themselves to succeed.

Most Coaching is conducted via phone on pre-scheduled sixty-minute sessions. Sessions are available hourly or in packages that can occur as the client’s wishes.

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