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  • Johnny Knatt

The Difference Between Coaching & Training

The following is a quick summary of the major differences between training and coaching.


  • Transferring knowledge

  • Often used in group settings

  • Frequently off-site or at a special facility

  • Often used for new hires

  • Usually structured

  • Formal

  • Depends on telling

  • Learning Focused


  • Enhancing knowledge or skills

  • Usually one-on-one

  • Can be in person, phone, other media

  • Used with experienced and non-experienced employees

  • Usually unstructured

  • Informal, conversational

  • Depends on asking

  • Development focused

Obviously, coaching is a way to apply learning in an informed way. Training hopes that learners will remember knowledge so it can be applied. The only problem is that humans don't remember very well. One source says that research shows an average of 50 percent of the information received in a presentation is forgotten within one hour. After 24 hours, on average, 70 percent is gone. And within a week a staggering 90 percent is nowhere to be found.

Since the best coaches do so frequently and on an ongoing basis, coaching is one way to impact the fact that even the best of employees will simply not remember valuable information. Training is not enough.

(Provided by Maestro)

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