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This Thing Called "CHANGE"

Let's Talk About Change

Change happens-whether we want it or not. Sometimes we can plan for it, but often we can't. Sometimes the best we can do is to make sense of change, make the best choices change offers, and make things happen. People and organizations who are the most successful predict and prepare for change-even creating change that benefits them.

What's Changing? Everything. Even managing change has changed! Today's organizations operate in a volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous (VUCA) world (Johansen 2012). Our world face more complex continuous change than ever before. Being adaptable to quickly adjust to continuous change as well as being expert at leading through complex change are more important than ever. Change is a way of life, and proficient navigation in its turbulent waters is a strategic imperative. Simply put, managing change is a required skill for all leaders, managers, and employees.

Change management must be a more recognized discipline in the workplace today. Not only must we improve on our ability to manage change, we must also make it a orkplace imperative. You've heard the statistics. Well established businesses are failing fast because they did not recognize trends and make course corrections soon enough. What's going on?

Change Savviness is on the Decline - Today's managers and individual contributors must learn how to play a key role to insure that an organization succeeds. We must all understand our role and demystify the people side of change.

Change Readiness is not a Competency anymore. - We must focus on behavioral change to make people embrace and adopt change. We should be focused on developing skills that instill personal responsibility and accountability for change at every level.

JJK Workplace, delivers Change Management Training (Elaine Bech ATD Workshop Series) which provide essential components in preparing organizations and individuals to lead and thrive in a VUCA world.

This innovative, engaging workshop can be adapted to meet various business needs. Begin the development of competencies to a build change ready culture that ensures business success and capacity to handle continuous change.

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