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  • Johnny Knatt

Unwritten 'Rules' within Your Workplace

  1. Conform, with the norm.

  2. Be seen, not heard.

  3. Everyone is not who they appear to be.

  4. Manage your behavior.

  5. Know who the “influencers.” are

  6. It’s not personal, it’s all business.

  7. No “excuses.”

  8. “Go slow” with business relationships.

  9. Everyone is your competition, but you must be a team player.

  10. No one is responsible for you, but you.

  11. Master the basics….first, and….fast.

  12. Know what you don’t know.

  13. Be very clear on expectations.

  14. Know who’s who in the organization.

  15. “Loose lips, sink ships.”

  16. Under promise, over deliver.

  17. Take on, only what you can deliver.

  18. Seek underlying opinions before you speak.

  19. Keep a healthy tension on yourself.

  20. Everything you do is evaluated by someone.

  21. Achieve at medium volume, aspire at low volume.

  22. Manage your personal problems away from work.

  23. Always “show up” ready.

  24. Include diversity in all workplace activities.

  25. Be an advocate of others, as well as yourself.

  26. Know where “YOU” stand in the organization.

  27. Document your achievements.

  28. Think “next assignment,” as soon as you start your first.

  29. Understand your compensation system, and how you impact it.

  30. Socialization and business is all business.

  31. Look for good.

  32. Manage your attitude.

  33. Practice “can do.”

  34. To stand still in business, is to go backwards.

  35. Trust is built by saying what you were going to do, and doing it.

  36. Entry level jobs are not a good place to homestead.

  37. Managing your expense account improperly can end your career.

  38. Show respect for everyone, at all times.

  39. Build a legacy, one day at a time.

  40. Know and live, your corporate values.

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