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What is an Individual Development Plan?

What is an individual development plan? It is a document created by you, then discussed with your immediate supervisor/manager throughout the year.

The ideal plan leverages your strengths/talents to provide new skills/knowledge that will help you perform better. Focus on weak areas if they will keep you from being successful in achieving your goals.

A good Development Plan can help in the following ways:

  • Increase and/or expand skills and knowledge.

  • Keep skills current.

  • Reach your potential.

  • Support the achievement of career goals.

  • Leverage strengths.

  • Address gaps in knowledge or skills needed in the job.

  • Improve performance.

  • Develop holistically through on-the-job development, self learning, and training.

  • Provides alignment and support going forward with your supervisor/manager.

For more on Individual Development Plans, check out my next blog on Key questions to ask yourself as you decide what to focus on in your Development Plan.

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