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  • Johnny Knatt

"Workplace Coaching"

“Providing Expert Solutions to Everyday Challenges”

Coaching enhances performance. It can benefit anyone, and it is the best way to ensure that your leaders and potential leaders can performa at very high level. Empowering people with additional competencies to move forward in the workplace is the mission of JJK Workplace Coaching and Consulting services.

My clients are provided with tools to assess their current level of performance and develop required competencies to achieve their immediate and longer-term career goals. Questions are asked to help guide the Client to a place where they can see how their performance affects the organization.

Business benefits;

· Helps identify high potential employees

· Team effectiveness

· Increased engagement

· Improved retention

Client benefits:

· Overcoming personal challenges and obstacles

· Achieving new skills & competencies to become more effective

· Preparing for new work/job roles or responsibilities

· Increasing job satisfaction and motivation

Personal coaching, with “experience” based consulting should be considered when specific expectations are desired or not being met. Workplace coaching ensures employees gain career or professional development and satisfaction.

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