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Workplace Competencies


1. Effective and clear communication & presentation styles (i.e. ability to communicate both orally & in writing – with individuals, teams and larger groups).

2. Demonstrate an awareness of intercultural knowledge, including ethnic diversity and recognition of the creative contributions of each distinct colleague, while responding appropriately in a multicultural work environment.

3. Demonstrate original, independent and critical thinking, and the ability to develop concepts.

4. Able to develop and maintain co-operative networks and working relationships with colleagues, peers, supervisors/managers and customers within the organization and broader marketplace.

5. Demonstrate a high motivation and ability for continuous learning (acquiring new knowledge), with open-minded flexibility and self-discipline necessary for implementation and follow through.

6. Demonstrate an awareness and ability to trigger FLOW leading to regular intervals of peak performance during work. FLOW also known colloquially as being in the “Zone”, is where accelerated learning and energized focus merge into highly productive periods of peak performance.

7. Committed to career development while demonstrating an ability to take personal responsibility for own professional growth, identifying measurable and achievable career goals and opportunities for advancement.

8. Able to take advantage of development tools like unlocking personality profiles of self and other in the workplace. Willing to embrace growth related activities that enhance emotional intelligence skills (EQ) that highlight personal styles of communication, giving and receiving feedback, resolving conflict, decision-making, etc.

9. Demonstrates the ability to create a rich and rewarding work-life balance – one that allows for both a productive career and a meaningful family and social life outside the office. Able to effectively juggle a productive career with a rewarding family and social life.

10. Committed and able to negotiate disagreements, conflict and crucial conversations in a productive and appropriate manner – when the stakes are high, opinions differ and emotions run strong.

11. Demonstrate the ability to create a psychologically safe environment for groups and teams - including clear goals, social sensitivity to one another, conversation turn-taking (everyone participates equally), and a free-flowing style in which people are comfortable being themselves.

12. Able to articulate the corporate vision while inspiring everyone to connect and join in the challenging process of co-creating and embracing the emerging future with courage, hope, joy and determination.

Using a Scale of 1-10, rate each of the 12 Competencies.

· 10 = Extremely Good

· 8 = Very Good

· 6 = Good

· 5 = Not Bad

· 0 = The Worse

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