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As JJK Workplace consultants, we support organizations and their employees in achieving their fullest potentials in the workplace to help their leaders enhance their performance and achieve their goals. Each person is recognized as a precious and trusted contributor with the skills and competence to be able to work in the most appropriate places to meet their personal and business needs.

Experience based learning makes me comfortable in working at ‘C’ suite level as well as at operational levels. JJK Workplace have multiple layers of knowledge and experience, as well as excellent analytical, coaching and facilitation skills, to improve knowledge worker productivity and cognitive performance.


We start out by getting to know your organization and working with the ‘C’ suite or the key stakeholder to answer the simple question ‘What are we seeking to achieve?’. JJK Workplace Consultants will always:

Evaluate the way the organization currently works



Our team will first have an initial meeting with the Client and discuss the proposal, coaching expectation, process and agree on the timings and expected outcomes.


Assess and Identify Strengths

Our team will carry out an assessment through interviews and comprehensive tools and the collect the information about the executive’s current and past leadership roles, career successes, challenges and values they drive to their professional life.

Office Team
People Working in Open Office

Develop Strategies and Plan of Action

At this stage our team of experts will establish a communication process . Our team and the client will have a clear communication about what’s crucial and practical towards their leadership goal. 


Coaching Process, Accountability and Support

During each discussion, we will review what the client has achieved since the last meeting and what are the next steps in their action plan. In addition to discussion our team of experts will provide relevant articles, books, essays to the client.

Conduct workshops and Training

Analyze data to inform the current situation and benchmark the change


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