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Stress Management in the Workplace


Although stress is an inherent part of life, it has become an increasingly prominent factor in our society. The incidence of stress related problems – both physical and psychological – is on the increase. Consequently, it is imperative that we understand the role of stress in our lives and how to manage it effectively. The medical profession, business and industry, school systems, family life education and other segments of our society are voicing a strong need for stress education. This workshop is one response to that need.


Utilizing the holistic approach (mind and body) to stress, this workshop will focus on the nature of stress and the various coping strategies. Emphasis will be placed on relaxation skills and “taking care of self emotionally.” The importance of stress inoculation and preventive stress management will also be highlighted along with the “how to’s” which enhance “wellness” and the quality of life.


By the end of this workshop, you:

1. Should have a better understanding of the nature of stress and how it can affect you physically and emotionally;

2. Have identified the stressors in both your job situation and in your personal life;

3. Will have identified your lifestyle behaviors which create tension and anxiety;

4. Will have learned ways to take better care of yourself emotionally;

5. Will have a deeper appreciation of the need for recognition, attention, and responsiveness from others;

6. Will better understand the relationship between stress and the emotions;

7. Should have more knowledge for avoiding and managing interpersonal conflicts;

8. Will have begun to learn the skill of deep muscle and mental relaxation;

9. Should be better acquainted with the various other strategies for enhancing wellness and the quality of life.

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