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Guiding the Return to The Workplace

"Understanding Employee Emotions"

In today's dynamic workplace landscape, it's essential to grasp the sentiments of your employees during the transition back to the office. By gaining insight into their emotions, their desired emotional states, and identifying gaps, you can take meaningful actions.


Work environments are filled with a spectrum of emotions, both positive and negative, arising from interactions with colleagues, customers, suppliers, and more. These emotions play a significant role in shaping decisions, behaviors, and overall performance.


The Genos Emotional Culture Index (ECI) stands out as a powerful tool to directly measure emotional culture. It assesses three crucial aspects:

·      Experienced emotions: The emotions currently prevalent among your workforce.

·      Expected emotions: The emotions employees believe are reasonable to experience given the nature and context of your workplace.

·      Ideal or desirable emotions: The emotions employees feel they should ideally experience for optimal effectiveness in your workplace.


The Emotional Culture Index delves into these dimensions, providing a comprehensive view of the emotional landscape at work. It also offers participants the opportunity to share confidential free-text responses on specific areas of concern. You have the flexibility to customize the survey by department, team, region, or any other relevant demographic.


Completing the survey is a quick process, taking only a few minutes. Once completed, you will receive a detailed report containing the findings. You'll also have the opportunity to discuss the results privately with me, a Genos Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, at

Ensure a smooth return to the office by gaining valuable insights into your employees' emotional experiences and aspirations.

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